"Misteriosos resmungos" from the Folha de S. Paulo

 Moser: 'Veto a biografias é indigno de um país civilizado'  from Terra Magazine

"Expat Lives: Dutch Master" from the Financial Times

Fashion shoot for Aurora

On Metrópolis with Cadão Volpato, TV Cultura

"Este é o presidente do 'fã-clube' de Clarice Lispector" from Suplemento Pernambuco

On "Ah! A Literatura" (Portuguese television) 

"O idioma de Clarice" from Revista Língua Portuguesa

Appearing at the Feira do Livro de Porto Alegre, 15 November at 5 PM

Interview on Estação das Artes (Portuguese television)

"Clarice no mapa" from Ípsilon, Lisbon

"Clarice Lispector, as ficções de um coração selvagem" from Revista Literatura

"Benjamin Moser, o primeiro biógrafo internacional de Clarice Lispector" from Revista Literatura

Appearing at Fliporto, Olinda, Pernambuco, on 13 November, 10 AM

Diário Câmara Clara with Luís Caetano, RTP (Portuguese television, starting at 5:00)

Interview with Luís Caetano, A Força das coisas, RTP (Portuguese radio)

"A revelação das máscaras de Clarice Lispector" from Diário de Notícias, Lisbon

"Moser: «Hoje até os traficantes lêem Clarice Lispector»" from Diário Digital, Lisbon

Time Out Lisboa

"Ze leek op Dietrich en schreef als Woolf" from NRC Handelsblad, Netherlands

"Há que devorar" from Público, Lisbon

"Benjamin Moser. 'Clarice é mais lida do que Jorge Amado'" from Jornal i, Lisbon

"Chegou a hora da estrela para Clarice Lispector" from Ípsilon (Público), Lisbon

Speaking with Beth Goulart at the Bienal do Livro in São Paulo (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6)

Speaking with Veja at the Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty

Speaking with Mona Dorf at the Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty (part 1) (part 2) (part 3

"Escritor americano Benjamin Moser defende Paulo Coelho" from Folha de S. Paulo

Speaking with Paulo Gurgel Valente, Clarice's son, at the Éditions des Femmes in Paris, February 9

Speaking with Ed Caesar at Jewish Book Week in London, February 28

At the London Literature Festival, July 12

"30 Books in 30 Days: Why This World" by Rigoberto González, from the National Book Critics Circle Blog

Number 1 on bestseller list of Jornal do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) (Second consecutive week)

Number 1 on bestseller list of Diário de São Paulo

Best of 2009 on Barnes & Noble

"Os melhores livros de 2009" from O Globo

"Benjamin Moser fala sobre a biografia de Clarice Lispector" on Manhattan Connection (television)

"Mergulho na alma" from Estado de Minas (Belo Horizonte) (page 1) (page 2)

"Bela e reveladora biografia de Clarice Lispector é o livro perfeito para o Natal" from iG

"Die südamerikanische Sphinx" from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (in German) 

"Clarice Lispector ett språkets vilddjur" from Svenska Dagbladet (in Swedish) 

"Bokrecensioner: Benjamin Moser: Why This World. A Biography of Clarice Lispector" from Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish)

"Connaissez-vous Clarice Lispector?" from Books (in French)

Interview and short documentary on "Entrelinhas" (television)

"Tragic odyssey of a Jewish-Brazilian writer born in Ukraine" from Beijing Today (China) 

Launch in São Paulo in Mônica Bergamo, Folha de S. Paulo

Entrevista com Benjamin Moser from Saraiva Conteúdo (video)

"Q&A: Biographer Benjamin Moser on the Elusive Clarice Lispector" from Vanity Fair

"Jornalista admirador de Clarice Lispector fala sobre a obra da autora" from Zero Hora (Porto Alegre)

Photos from launch in Rio de Janeiro

"Explicando o inexplicável" from Brazilian Vogue

"Pesquisador norte-americano lança no Brasil a biografia de Clarice Lispector" from Revista CBN (radio interview)

"No coração de Clarice," from Elle

"Clarice sem mistérios" from Isto É

"A paixão segundo Clarice" from Revista Cult

"Clarice Lispector descartou influência de Virginia Woolf e Sartre" from Revista Bula

Favorite books from the blog of Oxford University Press

Interview with Mona Dorf on Território Eldorado (radio)

"Clarice: Escritor Benjamin Moser fala sobre a inesgotável Clarice Lispector" from the Diário do Comércio

Event at De Balie, December 6 (Amsterdam)

"O maior interesse é sempre a obra" from Gazeta do Povo (Curitiba)

"Enigma pessoal" from Gazeta do Povo (Curitiba)

"Autor de 'Clarice,' diz ter um compromisso pessoal com a cultura brasileira" from Jornal da Manhã (São Paulo) 

"Mulher misteriosa" from Folha de Londrina (Paraná)

Number 8 on list of "Mais vendidos" (Época)

"A hora da estrela" from Folha de S. Paulo

"Prosa Clariciana" from L'Officiel

"Livro sobre Clarice Lispector está entre os 100 melhores deste ano" (Correio da Bahia)

"Clarice quase desnuda" from the Jornal de Brasília

"A hora de Clarice" from the Jornal de Brasília

"A hora da estrela" from Marie-Claire

In memory of Major Elza Cansanção Medeiros

"História de uma paixão" from the Correio da Bahia (Salvador)

"Clarice universal" from TAM nas nuvens

"A voz de Clarice" from Poder Joyce Pascowitch

"Coração selvagem" from the Diário do Nordeste (Fortaleza)

"As pulsações de Clarice" in Valor Econômico (São Paulo)

"Clarice virou pastel" by Luís Antônio Giron in Época

"Ao interior de Clarice" from O Tempo (Belo Horizonte) 

A radio interview on Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Brazilian service)

"Clarice, a Rosetta de Ben," a column by Lucas Mendes on BBC Brasil

"Uma avalanche clariceana" in the Jornal de Pampulha (Belo Horizonte)

"Q & A Benjamin Moser: On Clarice Lispector" by Trenton Daniel of the Miami Herald

"Sala de leitura" from Jornal de Novo Hamburgo (RS)

Featured in the Livraria da Folha (Folha de S. Paulo)

"História sem ponto final" in the Diário de São Paulo

"O exercício de desmistificar Clarice" in the Folha de Pernambuco

"Contos e mistérios de Clarice" in A Tribuna (Vitória, ES)

"Clarice, uma esfinge que virou gente" in the Estado de S. Paulo 

"Os enigmas de Clarice" in Diário de Pernambuco

"Benjamin Moser fala sobre sua biografia de Clarice Lispector" in Jornal do Brasil

"Papo rápido com Benjamin Moser, autor de Clarice," in Época

"To Belong is to Live" in Brown Alumni Monthly, an article by Nelson Vieira

"Clarice Lispector + vírgula + Benjamin Moser" in O Livreiro

Named as one of the New York Times's Notable Books of 2009

"A vírgula que perseguiu Clarice" in Jornal do Commercio (Recife)

Book selected by João Paulo Cuenca as one of the ten best of the year (television)

Interview with Maria Beltrão on Estúdio i, GloboNews (television)

Interview on GloboNews about the Rio de Janeiro of Clarice Lispector (television)

"No coração selvagem" from Carta Capital

"Que mistério tem Clarice" from Isto é Gente

Pictures from signing in São Paulo

An article and interview from Brasil Econômico by Ronaldo Bressane, with a review.

"Clarice como você nunca viu" from PublishNews (Brazil) (in Portuguese)

At the Texas Book Festival in Austin on November 1 at 2 PM to talk about Clarice Lispector and to interview Margaret Atwood on Saturday October 31 at 3:30

Pictures of the event from Margaret Atwood's blog

At Yale University, Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street, New Haven, on Tuesday, November 3 at 4

At Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, on Thursday, November 5 at 7

At the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York, on November 8 at 2:30

At Harvard University, Cambridge, on Tuesday, November 10, at 6

At Brown University, Providence, Thursday, November 12, at 12 pm. Joukowsky Forum in the Watson Institute for International Studies, Thayer Street, Providence
At the Miami Book Fair, Sunday, November 15, at 3. Room 7128.

An exhibition of rare materials connected to Brazilian Positivism

"Woman of Mystery", an interview with Sara Ivry of Tablet

An interview with Heliete Vaitsman of the Museu Judaico of Rio de Janeiro

An article about Why This World by Norma Couri of Época (in Portuguese) (page 1) (page 2)

"Biografia americana traz Clarice Lispector de volta aos EUA" by Marília Martins of O Globo

"Biografia de Clarice Lispector é lançada nos Estados Unidos" in Comunidade News (Connecticut)

Why This World (Sao Lại Là Trần Gian Này) (in Vietnamese)

An interview with Mariella Frostrup of BBC Radio 4 (starts about 11:30)

An interview with Mila Burns of GloboNews (Brazil)

"Oxford UP Goes All Out as Harper's Books Man Moser brings Clarice Lispector to the U.S." from the New York Observer

"The Leonard Lopate Show: Why This World," an interview on WNYC

"Conversation: Considering Clarice," an interview with PBS NewsHour

"Why You Should Know Clarice Lispector" from The Economist

A mention in Harpers Bazaar (UK)

An article in Veja (Brazil) 

Reading at McNally Jackson in New York on September 2

Reading at Politics & Prose in Washington on September 9

Reading at Brazos Bookstore in Houston on September 14

An interview with "Strand" on the BBC World Service (starts at 10:53)

"Beautiful Genius," an interview with Bill Marx of The World Books Podcast

"Stray Questions for: Benjamin Moser," an interview with Blake Wilson of The New York Times

"Clarice, universal e não menos misteriosa," an interview with Lucia Guimaraes of the Estado de S. Paulo

"Benjamin Moser," interview in Texas Monthly

An interview with Chris Gondek of the Biography Podcast

An interview/review with Maya Sela of Ha'aretz (in Hebrew)

Why This World chosen as one of Amazon's top five fall nonfiction titles.

"Chasing Clarice Lispector," a blog entry for the Jewish Book Council

"The Oldest Jews in Brazil," another blog entry for the JBC, about Jewish Recife

"A Golem in Brazil," a third blog entry for the JBC

Some adventures in writing about Clarice Lispector from Publishing Perspectives

More nice words from Booklist about Why This World in connection with biographies of other Latin American writers

Announcement from Harper's about appointment as New Books columnist

Interview with GalleyCat about Harper's position

Fifty years of Brasília in Ha'aretz (in Hebrew)

New edition of Clarice Lispector's The Apple in the Dark with a preface, 'A Brazilian Golem', by Benjamin Moser

"Living in a Dutch Town House," from The New York Times