Selected Essays and Articles

On Rembrandt and the Jews

New York Review of Books, August 14, 2008

On an early African-American settlement in Liberia

New York Review of Books, April 6, 2006

On the mythology of Dutch New York

New York Review of Books, November 4, 2004

On Albert Eckhout and the Dutch in Brazil

New York Review of Books, August 12, 2004

On Stefan Zweig

Newsday, July 31, 2005

On Carel Fabritius

New York Review of Books, July 14, 2005

On misconceptions concerning the early history of Texas

Harper's, August 2004

On Larry McMurtry in the literature of Texas

New York Review of Books, May 27, 2004

On Adriaen Coorte, an obscure Dutch painter of still-lifes

Harper's, February 2009

On the Hotel New York in Rotterdam

Cuture+Travel, April 2007

On the fiftieth anniversary of Brasília

Harper's, January 2008

Harper's New Books column

May 2009

Harper's New Books column

June 2009

Harper's New Books column

July 2009